Privacy Policy

It is our constant endeavor to respect and viably recognize each individual’s right to privacy. In order to achieve the same, we have laid down a comprehensive set of policies. The privacy policy is applicable to all the users of the Multi Earning platform, be it a one-time visitor or a regular customer. It is applicable to all the individuals who have trusted Multi Earning with their confidential and personal data. The objective behind this policy is to acquaint users with the usage, collection, transfer, and disclosure of their data. Users are advised to read this privacy policy in detail before progressing with the usage of our website. If however, you do not agree with the privacy policy and terms and conditions, please do not visit our website.

We reserve all-encompassing rights to change, alter, modify, and update the nature of the privacy policy at any time, with or without rendering prior notice. The users would be notified of any such change through a formal e-mail. If the user continues to use the website after altercation, changes, modification, irrespective of whether the user was notified about the same, it would be deemed that the user has provided consent to Multi Earning’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. This policy is published under the umbrella of:

Section 43 A of Information Technology Act, 2000 ‘Act’

Section 4 of the Information Technology Rules (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Information) Rules 2011 (SPI Rules)

Key Concepts and Their Definitions

Personal Information: According to SPI rules, personal information relates to a natural person, which either directly or indirectly is capable of identifying such person.

Sensitive Personal Data or Information: This information consists of information related but not restricted to passwords, financial information, physical as well as mental health conditions, sexual orientation, biometrics, or any information received under the protection and aegis of a certain kind of contract. Any information which is easily available in the public domain would not be considered personal information.

Payment data: Payment Data refers to the end-to-end process of carrying out an online transaction.

Collection of Information

The information that our websites collect is voluntarily provided by the user while visiting, accessing, examining, or browsing our website. Some of our mechanisms are structured in a way that it collects data based on user preference or cookies.

The user has every right to revoke the consent and not provide any information. By doing so, the users’ personal information would be kept and used by the company for a specific period of time as mandated by law. The organization also reserves the right to limit the access to multifold features of the website.

Disclosure of Information

You give us the consent expressly and explicitly to authorize and share your personal information with our subsidiaries or affiliated third-party organizations. We will not disclose any such information to the government or any law-regulating authority, except when a) obligated by law, b) requested by law authorized government authority, c) being obligated to be presented in front of a judicial decree, d) for enforcing and protecting the legal rights of Multi Earning Platform, e) for seeking relief, f) for defending charges, g) for opposing any claim, h) for enforcing this policy and terms of use, and i) for obtaining any legal advice. Multi Earning reserves the right to share, utilize, disclose, transfer your personal data to any third-party organization in case of a merger or acquisition.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies to enhance the experience of users with respect to our website. Our servers collect limited information based on users’ internet connectivity, search history, and IP address. This is also to state that users may encounter cookies in several third-party pages that are not controlled by us. In this case, we disclaim any association or liability in terms of the third party’s usage of cookie policy.

Retention of Information

Your personal information would be retained until the relevant purpose for the use of the information is no longer applicable, the law, rules, or any such statute restricts us from retaining your information, and the retention is not required to carry out the functioning of any legal claim.

Our Security Policy

We have stringent actions in place that help safeguard the users’ personal information. This is in order to prevent misuse, unauthorized access, destruction, or modification of users’ personal information. All the information is encrypted and is stored behind a firewall. In case of any security breach, we will inform the user of the same.

If you have any questions against this policy or want to raise an issue pertaining to any matter discussed in this policy, feel free to contact us. We aim to prioritize your privacy over anything else.

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